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A day in the life of a Sister Stitcher...

A typical Monday in the life of a Sister Stitcher

6:00 am

Alarm goes off. Check phone for any orders placed overnight. 

6:15 am

Shower and dress.

6:30 am

Feed dog and five year old breakfast. Frantically pack any orders that came in overnight (we officially don't have to send them until tomorrow but we always try to get them out as quickly as possible)

6:45 am

Feed five year old second breakfast (apparently he can't function with only one!). Prepare my lunch to take to work (hopefully I cooked something last night that has leftovers that I can take because this takes less time!)

7:00 am

Eat breakfast (quickly) Load the car with any packed orders, lunch, crochet bag,  handbag and everything for this evenings crochet class.

7:15 am

Make sure darling husband is up. Kiss five year old, husband and dog goodbye. Leave house.

7:25 am

Arrive at parcel post box (we're really lucky to have one of these on our route to work). Post orders, hop back into car and continue on to work. Shout at all the idiot drivers along the way that try to kill me.

8:15 am

Arrive at work. Put lunch in fridge, make fruit tea, head to my desk and check for messages, comments etc for five minutes before my official start time.


12:00 pm

Lunchtime. Check phone for any emails/messages/orders. Eat Lunch. Use what ever time I have of my lunch hour left on my current crochet project.

4:30 pm

Home time. Back in the car to shout at all of the idiot drivers that try to kill me on the way home.

5:30 pm

Arrive at the home of the other Sister Stitcher. Set off with 3 children to swimming lessons.

5:40 pm

Arrive at swimming lessons. Spend the next five minutes repeatedly telling children not to run around like feral beasts while waiting for the lesson to start. Might as well be banging my head on a brick wall.

5:45 pm

Swimming lessons begin (on time if we're lucky). Spend half an hour watching children try not to drown whilst catching up with any gossip and also checking for emails/messages/orders.

6:15 pm

Swimming lesson ends. Spend the next 10 minutes (5 if we are lucky) encouraging the children to get dry and dressed as quickly as possible.

6:25 pm

Everyone in the car and back to other Sister Stitchers house. Swap back to my car and head home.

6:35 pm

Arrive home. Relinquish five year old to husband. Grab any last minute items needed for tonight's crochet class. Change clothes, freshen up and brush teeth. Give husband instructions for dinner.

6:50 pm

Set off in car for crochet class.

7:00 pm

Meet the other Sister Stitcher at St Francis Community Centre. Set out tables and chairs. Fetch cups/glasses/spoons etc from kitchen. Set out refreshments. Set out patterns for the class.

7:30 pm

Crochet class begins. No matter how tired I am this is by far my favorite part of the day. an hour an a half of teaching others to crochet and watching them develop skills and a love of crochet of their own.

9:00 pm

Class finishes. Put away tables and chairs. Wash up cups/glasses/spoons etc. Pack everything back into our cars. Lock up Community Centre.

9:30 pm

Arrive home. Haul everything back into the house. Reheat dinner. Pour a very large Gin. Eat. Drink.

10:30 pm


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  • Well done, you two girls – you seem to do an amazing job of juggling home, work and crafting – and with a loveable sense of humour! I bought some yarn from you last Christmas and the first order went astray in the post – you very kindly replaced it for me (it was for a Christmas project for one of my daughters) and the service was very prompt! Thank you, Mary.

    Mary Davies

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