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We Dared to Dream!

First, a little history on who we are. I am Sara, the eldest, and my sister is Jo. We are both in our thirties, we work together and between us we have two husbands, four children, two step-children, two cats and a dog. We work for the same company doing similar admin type jobs and a couple of years ago we both discovered and fell in love with the art of crochet.

As any crocheters/knitters will know a love of yarn goes hand in hand with this (my husband has referred to it as an obsession on several occasions and has been known to complain that I love yarn more than him!)

As any parent of young children will know the concept of being able to sit for an extended length of time doing anything other than entertaining their offspring is absolute heaven. 

On one of our many shared car journeys to work the question came up in conversation;

"Wouldn't it be great if we had somewhere where people could come and have a coffee and a cake and just craft and chill?"

Well we both agreed that, yes, yes it would be blooming marvellous if such a place existed and even more so if it was somewhere that was run by us.

Well that was pretty much all that was said at that time but over the next few weeks the idea began to niggle away at us. It began to crop up in conversation more and more until I decided to run some very approximate numbers to see if our dream was even remotely possible. Bummer! Turns out it would cost one hell of a lot of money to make our ultimate dream a reality and, with two mortgages to pay between the two of us, giving up work without a guaranteed income was just not an option. 

As you can imagine we were downright devastated. We felt completely deflated at the idea of waving goodbye to our 'Happy Crochet Place' and the next few weeks were really quite miserable. It was only when, during a long conversation with our Dad and Step-mum, the possibility of a slightly more scenic route to our Crafty Cafe was suggested that our hopes began to reawaken. 

We needed a way to start generating income without giving up the security of our current employment but it was hugely important to us that we would be doing something that we were passionate about. When we had discussed our original plan we had intended that a Yarn shop would be incorporated into our cafe come meeting place. 

How about an online yarn shop?

Bingo! Minimal costs as we could work from home and no need to give up our jobs as we could work around our current hours! 

Many hours of number crunching and a ten page business plan later here we are!

In the words of Walt Disney - "If you can dream it, you can do it"


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  • Lovely story girls , where is your cafe , I am a beginner but getting there , can’t wait for your classes to start ,look forward to seeing you some time x

    Pam Shelton

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